You’ve Got Mail… Almost

Chris and I spent last night sitting on the floor of our bedroom making our RSVP cards. I know, I know. It’s so romantic. Chris was sipping on raspberry lemonade. I feel like that tidbit makes the whole thing seem more civilized. We do have furniture, but I almost always end up on the floor when it comes to crafty projects. I like to spread things out. The RSVP cards turned out beautifully. Tonight we will work on addressing the outer invitation enevelopes and then they will be ready to go. Chris mentioned posting pictures of the invitations/RSVP cards on the blog. I will eventually. I want them to be a surprise for our guests first.


It’s been great fun working on this project with Chris.  He has been wonderful about pitching in so I don’t get overwhelmed. I show him every little thing and don’t make a decision without his blessing. It probably drives him crazy. How much could he possibly care about my headpiece or what shoes Paige will wear? I could show up to our wedding in a potato sack and he would still tell me I look beautiful.

Scouring the Rogue Valley for vintage/rustic touches will be the next big project once the invitations are sent out. I have a vision for the reception space. No two tables will look alike but they will all tie in together. I will also start gathering the crafting supplies that I will need. I’ve decided not to start the crafting until Paige is back in school. I will be able to focus more easily and nothing will get ruined. It’s been know to happen with Hurricane Paige. Don’t let those big brown eyes and sweet smile fool you.



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