Yours, Mine and Ours

Last night Chris had a work related gathering at a restaurant in downtown Medford. The restaurant’s ambiance  is reminiscent of dining in a train car. Chris suggested we meet him for a late dinner when he was done. We sat in an enclosed booth surrounded by heavy tapestries. Paige could hardly contain her joy. The food was good and I’m glad to have the leftovers for lunch today. The waitress commented on Paige’s good manners. After the waitress left the table Paige informed us that  it was the perfect place to work on her acting. We should invite the waitress to our house for dinner and she can see that Paige usually eats like she’s in the jungle. Ha!  She really did love the restaurant. She already decided that she wants to bring a friend there for her birthday.

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I’ve been getting so schmoopy lately. Even more so now that the wedding is getting closer. It has not always been an easy road for me. I’ve had to overcome more than my fair share of pain and hurt. I’ve always had the tendency to internalize those feelings and keep them hidden from everyone around me. I guess I know where Paige gets her acting chops from. I’ve been especially guarded since Paige came along. For so many years it was Paige and me against the world. It’s been a sometimes dicey ride, but I can honestly say that I’ve done the best I could. I never expected to find a partner that was as committed, loving and generous as Chris.

Sometimes all I can do is cry. It’s tears of joy. It’s tears of relief. Sometimes I feel insecure. Chris gives me so much. I’ve been treated so poorly in the past that sometimes I feel undeserving. He knows that I’m far from perfect, yet he loves me. I think it’s safe to say that he started falling in love with me on our first date. He swept me off of my feet by being kind and patient (all of the flowers helped too). He’s shown me how committed he was day in and day out. The ultimate gift that he has given me is the love that he gives to Paige. We are a family. We were meant to be. What once was yours and mine has quickly become ours. I am forever grateful.

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  1. daisy says:

    How beautifully stated Sarah. Single motherhood is scary and guarded and full of disappointment in finding the right partner. I’m glad you found yours and can now relax a little. Someone to help navigate those waters with you… it’s the best feeling in the world!

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