We Said “I Do”

It’s true. Your wedding day goes by in the blink of an eye. Our wedding day was no exception. The weather was perfect and the venue couldn’t have been sweeter. There are so many people to thank. After two months of my crazy DIY projects, both of our families chipped in to decorate. Nearly all of the flowers came from my aunt Susan’s yard. She and my aunt Jane spent many hours putting together all of the arrangements in the last few days before the wedding. I had friends help me with hair and make-up (I don’t even own a curling iron and had to buy foundation, etc.).

Many of our guests flew in from out of state or made the long drive from Medford. It meant so much having everyone there. All of the vendors we worked with were fantastic. Can we talk about the music?! Rachel and Matt traveled many hours to play for our ceremony. They were wonderful musicians and genuinely kind people. Rich (the wandering minstrel) and I have been friends for many years. I have an unexplainable soft spot for the guy. He played while we were finishing pictures. I wish we could’ve watched him play, but trusted him to perform unsupervised. He ended up singing a song with my new sister-in-law, so I figure folks had a good time with him.

I have a handful of pics taken by family and friends to hold us over until we get the professional ones back. Enjoy!


The Venue and Family Pictures

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The Ceremony

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The Balloon Release




The Reception

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  1. Deborah VanSomeren says:

    Sarah and Chris, tears in my eyes AGAIN just reliving it through the pictures. Happy sweet tears. It was a beautiful and memorable day!

  2. Deanna Hussman says:

    It was a blessing to be able to attend your marriage ceremony. Our family stands together in support of each other’s special moments, whether good or bad. This was a joyous occasion to celebrate. Jack has enjoyed the pictures. I had my pictures developed today, so I will send you a copy for your memory book.

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