Travel Plans & My Favorite Girls


I am catching wind of a few more wedding guests coming from afar. I would love to know when you are coming, what airport you’re flying into, etc. We don’t have enough out of town guests to be able to get a block of rooms at any one hotel, but too many to have everyone stay with us (not to mention it is a 3 hour drive from our place to Eugene). We intentionally took the Ducks football schedule into consideration when selecting our wedding date. They will be playing an away game on 10/11. Chris thought it was a silly notion, but he has no idea how busy Eugene is when there is a home game. Traffic is impossible and all of the hotels would already be booked. I’ve never had the need to spend the night at any establishment in Eugene. Hotel chains you have enjoyed in the past would probably be a safe bet. I also looked up some rates on Airbnb (you may need to adjust the dates before you search). I saw a lot of beautiful, private spaces for a lower rate than many hotels. Send me a private message via Facebook or email and let me know your plans when you make them.

Last week Paige was talking about the wedding. She was asking about about bridesmaids, but wasn’t familiar with the term itself. She ended up using the phrase “Favorite girls”. I won’t be having any bridesmaids, but many of my “Favorite girls” will be helping me in some capacity.  I have friends helping me with my hair and make-up, a friend rounding up twinkly lights and mason jars and friends that will help get the food ready for the reception. I am so grateful for their friendship and for them wanting to play a role in our big day. I also want to thank an old Waseca friend, Jennifer Nace. She is a photographer and has the most amazing eye for detail. She is the busiest person I know and she helped me track down the cutest knee socks for Paige to wear. Talk about random acts of kindness! Click on her name and check out her website. She takes the most beautiful baby photographs. I’m obsessed. I highly recommend her to anyone.

That is all I have for now. Check back over the weekend when I post pictures from Chris’ birthday surprise!



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