Trash to Treasure

Let’s all take a trip down memory lane… Paige and I found a huge canvas on the side of the road while walking in our neighborhood on Thursday. I had a project in mind for it, so we carried it home. It was like a rainbow had exploded on the canvas. There were fake flowers and jewels glued to it and it was covered in glitter.


It quickly became a labor of love. I scraped off the flowers, jewels, glue and as much glitter as I could. I had purchased a few small bottles of craft paint. I realized when I got home that it was not enough paint to cover the reds and oranges. I mixed in a few other colors of paint that I already had at home to make it stretch. I’m quite certain that Chris secretly questioned my artistic vision several times throughout the process.


Painting took me right back to my college days. I was in my element when I was painting set and furniture pieces for the theatre. I was known to mix leftover paint colors to create stone walls, set pieces and whatever else I could get away with painting. It would be no surprise to my college friends that last night I sat outside painting after dark. I was in the zone!

me painting

I had originally planned to poke holes in the canvas and use twinkly lights to enhance it. I’ve decided not to do it. My painting turned out great and I would hate to ruin it. I’ll think of some way to enhance it with lighting at the venue. This turned out to be my favorite project so far and it cost a total of $2.00 (for the paint). Sometimes you just need to think outside the box or out on the curb.

love birds

I have one or two more projects that I want to get done in the next few days. If you’re a fan of the blog, please subscribe. You can find the¬†subscription form on the sidebar.


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