Tool Time

Chris and I bought a 1×4 board at Home Depot. It’s been propped up in various corners of the living room over the last few weeks. I had some ideas for wedding day signage and a display for our escort cards. I decided on Monday morning that I’d just saw up the board really quickly and get started on my projects. I used a hand saw and the wood was much harder than I had anticipated. Chris was home sick that day. He was sure to get pictures of me climbing on patio furniture in order to get extra leverage. How the heck did Noah ever build an ark? The project took a few days of sporadic sawing and painting to complete. It was worth the effort, but my back and shoulders are paying the price. Advil and a heating pad will be my faithful companions for the next few days.


I LOVE the old luggage tags that we are using as escort cards, but we needed a way to display them. I cut 4 inch blocks, sanded and painted them. I then stenciled on the table numbers. I am not a fan of stencils. I can never get the clean edge that I am expecting.


I traced the numbers with a gold paint marker to hide the messy edges. I hammered antique furniture nails to the right of the numbers to hold the luggage tags. They will be displayed on the table like this…

IMAG2616   IMAG2617

I also finished another easy project this morning. I found these little chalkboards at the Dollar Tree, as well as the display stands. It was a major find! I only grabbed a few of each to get started.  A chalkboard sign monster has been born. Watch out! Every little thing at the reception may end up labeled with it’s own sign. HA! I may spray paint the stands copper to match our guest book mailbox. We’ll see how much time I have in the coming weeks. I’m suddenly VERY busy now that school and soccer have started.


Thanks to everyone that has been following the blog. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as often as I usually do. I’ll try to pull it together.


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