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I mentioned in an earlier post that I spent several years working at a bridal shop. I know bridal gowns. Some brides tear pages out of magazines and go from shop to shop, looking for their dream dress. They finally track it down and maybe it doesn’t fit the way they thought it would, or the price tag is thousands of dollars. I had to model countless dresses in bridal shows during my time at the bridal shop. I know what shapes and colors work best for me. It made my search effortless. I looked online at dresses carried by my area bridal store. I chose several that I thought might work, then I waited. I let a few months go by. Finally, it was the middle of June and time for the store’s semi-annual clearance sale.

Most brides bring in their mom or bridesmaids when it is time for dress shopping. I brought Paige. I was worried she’d break something, or say something wildly inappropriate. The attendant gushed over my upcoming nuptials. She asked about the ring. I didn’t have one yet, just a simple copper band Chris gave to me last winter. She asked about the wedding date and venue. Both answers were unknown. She asked how many bridesmaids I was going to have. The answer was zero.

It’s safe to say that the attendant was surprised when I knew exactly which dresses I wanted to try on. The first dress I tried on ended up being my dress. I knew it the second I stepped in front of the mirror. My dress search couldn’t be any more anti-climatic. I tried on four or five more in order to ease the minds of the store staff. Those dresses were all pale in comparison. My dress fits perfectly other than needing a hem and I bought it for a fraction of the regular price.  Chris has seen the dress. It’s hanging in our closet. This store sends it home with you until your alterations appointment. I do want my dress to be a surprise for our wedding guests, but here is a sneak peak…


The dress…

I didn’t love any of the flower girl dresses in the store, so I started looking online. I finally found one on Kohl’s website. It was the same color and fabric as my dress and also on clearance. It was destiny.


Paige’s dress…


All of our wedding details are coming together so easily and in a budget friendly way. The average wedding costs nearly $30,000. I’m sorry, but I think that’s overly indulgent and fiscally irresponsible. Our wedding will hopefully be beautiful, without putting us into debt. I don’t think that anyone will care that my dress is from last season or that I am wearing shoes that I already own. I do hope that they remember how much love was in the air.



  1. Deborah VanSomeren says:

    You are so smart. I agree that typical weddings today have gotten out of hand. The sneak preview is awesome! Got the invitation today.

  2. Palma Smith says:

    Love your story about the background of choosing the dress. It will be a beautiful wedding in every respect! Thanks for the sneak peek!

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