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First of all, thank you to EVERYONE for sending congratulations and well wishes the last few days. Our phones have been going “buzz, buzz, click”  non-stop. Paige has been in Eugene for the last few days, so we have been able to get a lot of wedding planning done. It’s nice to get these things squared away, but I do miss my monkey. There is nobody to keep me entertained and laughing while Chris is at work.

We secured the wedding chapel last weekend. Cloverdale Chapel is a hidden treasure.  If you’ve had the opportunity to look at the Directions page on this site, you’ll find that it does not even have an actual address. It’s at the intersection of two main country roads. I love everything about it! The reception will be held at a one room school house on the same property. They are near one another, but be prepared to walk on a wooded trail and cross a small bridge to get from one place to the other.

We made sure our Save the Dates were received before we made our engagement announcement on Facebook. We have ordered our invitations and should receive them in about a week. We had a lot of fun putting together the look for our paper suite. Chris gets especially excited when there is anything to do with the mail or the use of vintage postage stamps. He was like a kid in a candy store while we were working on it.

We decided last night would be a good date night. We planned to go out to dinner and a movie. We thought if we ate someplace that would be quick, we might have time time to get registered at Target. We picked a little hole in the wall shack and split a sandwich called the “Garbage Grinder”. If that’s not romantic, I don’t know what is.


The last time I had a need for a registry was when I was pregnant with Paige. Chris was unfamiliar with Target registries (I don’t know if it’s just him, or if it’s not the registry of choice in Georgia where he used to live). I told him they give you a gun to go around and zap the items you’d like to receive… kind of like using a phaser on Star Trek. We picked some items that we don’t have at all and some where we are in an obvious need of an upgrade.

We also reserved our photographer and found an officiant this week. Finding a reputable photographer in our price range was no easy feat. I ended up placing an ad on a website called Thumbtack. It helps match customers with vendors.  I wrote about our needs and our maximum budget.  It was sort of a take it or leave it scenario. Booking a wedding with a modest budget is more lucrative than not booking a wedding at all. I received many responses. Most of them were from amateurs who clearly lacked skill or experience. Bless their hearts. We had a few serious contenders and picked the one we liked the best. I am confident we made the right choice for us.

This post is somehow turning into a novel. Somebody stop me! Chris has often said that I should be a mommy blogger, but I didn’t know if I had the chops for it. Maybe I do.



  1. Linda Wytaske says:

    Congratulations again, so happy for you. Have followed you as you will always be special to me. Paige is strong and talented just like her Mom. You are a beautiful family

  2. Cindy Alley says:

    Loving the blog so I can vicariously participate in your engagement. I am think you should be a blogger; you’ve got lots of experiences to share.

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