Chris and I are very happy to be sharing our special day with you.  Many of you keep close tabs on us via Facebook.  You have seen our story unfold.  You have witnessed Chris, Paige and I become a family.  We’ve known marriage was in the cards for quite some time.  Our engagement will be relatively short compared to most.  Chris gets VERY busy at work over the holidays.  The spring seems like an eternity away.  We’ve decided that there is no need to wait.  I spent nearly four years working in a bridal shop when I was younger.  I often became close with the brides and found myself helping with wedding details in my free time.  I’ve discovered it’s much like riding a bike.  Our wedding is coming together beautifully and without the stress that surrounds the planning of most wedding days.

Our wedding venue is very small, therefore the guest list is as well.  Part of me wishes we could invite everyone we know.  A bigger part of me knows that we are destined to have an intimate gathering.  Our immediate family, a small group of friends and my aunts and uncles is all our little chapel can hold.  I hope cousins and friends that won’t be in attendance will understand.   Please join in us spirit.  You will be able to stay updated both on this website and Facebook.

Paige will be our only attendant.  This is her day too.  She and I were on our own for such a long time.  Life was not always easy.  I don’t know if I’ll ever understand how Paige remained smiling, laughing and fearless through it all.  Paige and Chris have a very special bond.  She loves, trusts and counts on Chris because he has shown her unconditional love.  It is something that I am so grateful for.

I will try to post new developments and happenings to this site frequently.  Thanks for checking out our first blog post and for being part of our wedding day.


Lots of Love, Sarah





  1. Penny Kaiser says:

    Sarah, that was beautifully written! Can’t be more excited for you. You seem truly happy and I am glad for that! Have a wonderful wedding and cheers to many wonderful memories to come.

  2. Deborah VanSomeren says:

    Sarah,I am so very happy for you. We can attest to the fact that a wedding can come together quickly; we were engaged for 9 weeks. Blessings.

  3. Carey Lenn says:

    No Surprise! The first time I met Chris last Christmas he gave me the obligatory firm handshake and then he was on the floor playing with Paige and stayed on the floor the entire evening playing with Paige. I thought, “So this is the man”! It was clear to me that Chris not only loved Sarah but he adored Paige and demonstrated that he knows the weight of a relationship and parenting. Dad couldn’t be more estatic that this man came into your life. My ticket is bought, paid and I’m ready to roll. :o)

  4. April Johnson says:


    Your post brought tears to my eyes. I’m so happy for you and your soon to be family! I look forward to seeing it all come together. Not just the wedding, but your life together! Thank God for Facebook, where we can all stay in each other’s business from hundreds of miles away! Good luck with everything! Much happiness to you all!

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