Special Delivery

This weekend could go down in the books as a wedding crafting extravaganza. I completed so many projects that it will take several days to post them all on the blog. One of my favorites was painting and decorating the mailbox we will be using in lieu of a guest book. We will have a basket of vintage postcards out for our guests to leave well wishes on to put in the mailbox. I think the postcards will be a really special keepsake for us to have.

Chris bought a black steel mailbox and spray painted several coats of a copper color on it.


I then used ivory paint to make a leaf design similar to the canvas I painted yesterday (see Trash to Treasure).



We still need to paint the flag, but we’re really happy with how it turned out. I’m so glad that Chris is such a good sport about helping when I need him. I’m not very good with spray paint. I have a hard time getting it even. If you have graffiti in your neighborhood, it probably wasn’t me!

Chris and I went to Home Depot for a few things tonight. He ended up with another project on his honey do list. I’m perfectly capable of using a saw, but it’ll be more fun to swoon over┬áChris while he gets in touch with his inner handyman. You may be wondering what we’ll be working on. You’ll have to check back with the blog to find out!


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