There hasn’t been a whole lot going on in the wedding world the last few days. It has been a simple existence. We stayed home over the weekend. I think we all were tired. Cooking, laundry, snuggling and Netflix filled our days. I’m glad we took the time to reboot. Chris has his birthday this coming weekend and Paige and I have a few surprises in store for him. I know it’s not wedding related, but I will definitely have to post some pictures.

I have my first dress fitting in a few weeks. They ask that you bring the shoes and undergarments you’ll be wearing for the wedding so that the dress can be fitted properly. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for the proper undergarments. I’m aware that it’s an awkward topic, but a reality for every bride. There was a bra in the bridal store that I used when I tried on my dress and it worked wonderfully. It was $69. I just can’t justify spending that much on something that will be unseen and may never be worn again. I found one online made by the same company that is similar for $22. I ordered it yesterday. I’m going be a glass half full type of person and hope that it will work out just fine.

I will be wearing shoes that I already own. They are flats. I want to be comfortable and heels seem out of place for our countryside nuptials. Paige has a pair of suede boots that I think would be cute for her to wear with her dress. Hopefully they still fit her in October. There is a great kids consignment store in our neighborhood. I may look there for a cardigan for Paige to wear as well. Her dress is sleeveless and I imagine she may get cold at some point during the day.  We found a rustic looking basket for her to use at Goodwill. She will have silk flower petals to toss, but I was thinking of also cutting hearts out of pretty paper to mix in with the petals.

Earlier in the summer I ordered headpieces for each of us, along with some jewelry (all on clearance, of course). They are simple, but beautiful.  Simplicity may very well be the underlying theme of our wedding day.



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