Our Day, Our Way

I was emailing with our officiant last night. We’re starting to put together the particulars of the ceremony. It is going to be sweet and simple. We’re not having any speakers. We won’t be lighting a unity candle. I have a totally unexpected idea for ceremony music that I haven’t even run by Chris yet. The likelihood that we end up using a traditional guest book is even slim to none. Our wedding day will reflect our unique personalities and our love for one another.  Hopefully it will be a day that you remember.

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We’re skipping a lot of the pomp and circumstance that surrounds weddings and the flurry of activity in the months leading up to it. There is no engagement party or engagement photo session. There is no bridal shower, bachelor or bachelorette parties. There will be no rehearsal dinner (Although I will need A LOT of help decorating the night before the wedding… PLEASE help me). The reception will be fairly informal. We want people to eat, drink and have a wonderful time. In true Sarah fashion, I do have some clever ideas to make the reception especially fun.

We’ve gotten a handful of RSVP cards back already. Most of them are declines, which is a bummer. We knew it would be too big of a trip for some people to make. I guess part of me was hoping that somehow people could manage to get here. As long as Chris and I get to say “I do” I’ll be happy and grateful to anyone who is able to join us. If you haven’t mailed your RSVP card yet, don’t forget to do so by the 25th.

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