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Next weekend we are headed to Eugene. My aunt Susan has season tickets for the Oregon Ducks football team, but will be in Minnesota visiting family for the season opener. Chris and I are gladly using her tickets. It will be Chris’ first Ducks game. Football isn’t really his thing, which is fine. I feel like full disclosure is best at this point. He needs to experience my green and yellow feathered fury firsthand, before the wedding. ūüėČ We will also be bringing some completed projects to store at Susan’s house until the wedding. We will have too much stuff to fit in our car the week of the wedding, so this helps us out a lot. Paige is leaving today to go camping with her dad, so I’ll have a few days to get some projects done.

I had mentioned keeping our guest book idea a secret. It’s just too cute not to share. ¬†Chris LOVES postcards and anything to do with the mail. We thought it would be fun to use a mailbox and vintage postcards for guests to leave well wishes on instead of having¬†a guest book. Chris jumped on it as quickly as I suggested it. He found a steel mailbox and spray painted it so it looks in keeping with our theme. I’m going to add some artistic touches to it in the next few days.

IMAG2525   IMAG2526

There is one more project I hope to get done before our Eugene trip. I was planning on looking for¬†a canvas to buy, painting it and using twinkly lights to accent it. It was a project that was on the maybe list, depending on if we had the time and money to complete it. Paige and I were walking yesterday and found a huge canvas on the side of the road. There are a few fake flowers glued to it, but nothing a little elbow grease can’t fix. I’m thinking I’ll paint it sage green with ivory branches. The finished project will look something like the last picture. Hopefully I can make it happen.

IMAG2523-1   beautiful-christmas-decorations-and-more-holiday-recipes-crafts-projects-decorating-tips-gift-ideas-and-simple-solutions-on-marthastewartcom

That is all I have for now. I need to get ready to send Paige on her camping trip.


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