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The wedding is 71 days away (Thank you for keeping track, so I don’t have to). We have gotten a lot of the big things done. Now it’s time to focus on the details. It seems like 71 days is a lot of time. If there was nothing else going on, it probably would be. I got Paige’s school registration papers in the mail yesterday. The school supply list is a mile long and don’t even get me started on the drastic measures that go along with finding jeans that fit her. One of the nice things about Ashland, OR is that it embraces local businesses. It’s population is 20,000 and there are no big box stores here. There’s not even a McDonald’s. That being said, school shopping may be tricky. We will have a few trips to Medford in our near future. Paige has also been asking about playing soccer again in the fall. We’re going to be busy.

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We have started to collect various flower vases. No two will look alike. My aunt Susan (who is a gardening goddess) is going to be helping me with the flowers. We’ll have some flowers in vases and some in pots. I think it will tie in nicely with the rustic charm of our wedding location. Not using a florist may be a risky choice for most brides. It is a big element that we won’t be working too much on until right before the wedding day. I’m trying to plan accordingly, so whatever comes into fruition will be fine. We are going with a color palette of ivory and sage for our decorations. I figure the flowers will pop, no matter what color they are. I thought I’d also add a few small white pumpkins into the mix. It would be fitting for the season, but not look like it’s time for Halloween.

Chris and I found these old luggage tags at an antique store a few weeks ago. They are weathered, worn and stained. I have so many ideas for them. They’d be cute escort cards, but then we’d need to make a seating chart. Since we’re not hosting a large gathering, I feel like our guests can easily choose where they’d like to sit. I could attach them to our favors, print tiny menus on them or incorporate them into some kind of garland. Who knows?!

Tomorrow we will be heading to Northern California for a day trip. It is wedding related. You’ll have to check the blog on Sunday to see pics and find out what it is all about.

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  1. Deborah VanSomeren says:

    You have so many good ideas.I love using whatever flowers are available. Phillip suggested we use glads at our August wedding because they are in season then and are always available for our anniversary.

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