Here Comes the Flower Girl

I had the chance to work on some Paige related wedding projects this weekend while she was away. I had found some adorable knee socks on etsy that I almost purchased on ten separate occasions. They went perfectly with our little country chapel and the vintage feel we’re looking for, along with matching her dress and suede boots. They were just a little too spendy and I couldn’t justify her socks being the same price as her dress. I decided to try making them myself.

I got a pair of light gray knee socks, some ivory trim that was on clearance and a pack of inexpensive buttons.


There was definitely a learning curve with the first sock I worked on. I realized about halfway through that I would have to tack the trim on loosely to allow the elastic in the sock to stretch. It was also tricky to squeeze my big lumberjack hands into the small opening to sew the buttons. The process was a bit of a pain in the rear, but worth it when it was done. She will look so stinkin’ cute!


I had enough of the ivory trim leftover to stitch it around her flower girl basket. I think I’ll still add sage ribbon bows where the handle meets the basket, but I was glad to put my extra material to good use. I also cut out hearts from double sided card stock. Paige is writing sweet little messages on them right now. I thought I’d mix them in with the silk petals in her basket. They can flutter to the ground while she is walking down the aisle.

IMAG2536   IMAG2535-1

I have a few more projects to post tomorrow, then I may take a day off from wedding hoopla and the blog. Paige starts school in a week and I want to give summer a fond farewell.


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