Ducks In A Row


We only ordered our invitations a few short days ago.  They magically arrived today, a week before they were expected.  They suit us PERFECTLY!  We didn’t pick a matching suite.  We are still waiting for one more element to arrive before we can send them out… a little razzle dazzle, as Paige would say.  I can’t wait for our guests to receive them!

Our wedding day is going to be a Pinterest Extravaganza.  I’ll be making all of the decorations and centerpieces myself.  All of my friends from Southtowne know how carried away I can get with crafts and decorating.  I have so many ideas!  It’s time to make a storyboard to help me focus (it’s much easier for me to doodle and sketch than it is to make lists).  My aunt Susan is going to help me with the flowers and we are NOT using a caterer.  I have so many friends and family that will be pitching in with hair/make-up, music, food and decorating the day of the wedding.  It will be so much fun to have all of my favorite partners in crime helping me.

Here’s a funny story to wrap up this post.  I was messaging with my Dad on Facebook the other day.  He was telling me about his flight info for the wedding.  This is what happened when I asked him about a suit…

Me: Do you have a suit or a sports coat you want to wear?
Dad: I am the tannest, best looking, best dressed oldster in Mankato.  Women gasp when I walk into the room with my black pinstripe suit, with one of my closet full of Ralph Loren shirts.  Don’t worry about me.  I still got some game left in me.
Me: Good grief… I asked about a suit, not if you were a bronzed babe magnet.
Dad: But I am!  LOL

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  1. Angie Roser says:

    This is so great, I am over the moon happy for you and miss thing! I will be there for any help you need, fir as you know, I am better than that Zmartha Stewart lady…lol

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