Did It Zip?

I just had my first bridal dress fitting. I was SO afraid that the dress wasn’t going to zip. I generally eat healthy foods, but have certainly been indulging in sweets and treats lately. I was also worried about whether or not my online bargain basement bra would work with the dress. I tried the bra on at home last week and the cups were HUGE. Returning it seemed like a hassle and I really didn’t want to spend more money. I altered the cup size myself. Luckily I was able to get a proper fit and it worked perfectly with the dress. Thank goodness!

It must be my lucky day because the dress zipped right up. Whew! Typically wedding dresses run small. When I was dress shopping I was expecting to try-on dresses larger than my true size. I ended up with a dress that is a smaller size than what I normally wear. Paige entertained herself in the mirror while the seamstress pinned away. I ended up with needing a hem, bustle and a little bit taken in under the arm. The dress bustled beautifully and I can’t wait for everyone to see the whole shebang.

In case you missed the sneak peek, here is a glimpse of my dress…


We went straight from the dress shop to the McDonald’s across the street. Did I bribe Paige in order to have a peaceful fitting? Absolutely! I’ve often said that my sanity is the price of a cheeseburger Happy Meal. I wanted a burger in the worst way, but settled for a side salad. It’s probably a sign that the wedding day is getting nearer.

We are headed to Eugene for the weekend. It may be a few days before I post again. I didn’t do anything wedding related yesterday and it felt so good. I’ve been going on all cylinders for awhile now and I was in need of a little break.


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