Catering and Cake Stands

The wedding is getting closer and the calendar is filling up. Paige has soccer practice after school today. She has her first game of the season on Saturday.  After practice we are headed straight to her school for a special dinner being put on by the PTO. I was at the school yesterday to help prep the food. I made approximately one million brownies. I’ve been trying to take care of loose ends for the wedding, yet I find myself signing up for more and more things at school. I was asked to join the school site advisory council. It is made up of the principal, a few school staff and four parents. We will be managing the school’s Title 1 funds, along with setting goals for academics, teachers and families. I have a meeting for that between now and the wedding as well. Chris thinks I’ll be superintendent in no time.

We had originally planned to put together the food ourselves for the wedding. When we add up all of the guests and vendors, it is a larger crowd than we anticipated. We’ve decided to hire a caterer to prep the food for us. Natalie at Sheild Catering is saving the day.  She has come up with the perfect spread for our afternoon reception. Having her prepare the food takes a huge load off of our plate in the days before the wedding. I feel great about this decision!

I have a few miscellaneous projects to work on in the next few days. We are having a variety of desserts in lieu of a traditional wedding cake. I decided that I would try to make cake stands. I don’t think that I will have them all matching.  I made one last night using a ceramic planter and an inexpensive serving tray. I hand painted a branch and leaf design onto them. I’m not sure if I love it, but I think it’ll work fine.



Details. Details. Details. All of the big things are done. You know you may have gone off the deep end when you are making cake stands out of planters. One day you’ll look back on our wedding day. You’ll remember what a wonderful time you had. You’ll remember the little country chapel and schoolhouse. You’ll remember the great music and food. My planter cake stands will pop into your mind. You’ll roll your eyes and smile.




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