A Season of Change

I haven’t posted in a week… I’m sorry! It’s been so busy. Last weekend we went to Eugene for the Ducks football season opener. Chris doesn’t really care much about football. He knows that I am a college football fanatic and would probably benefit from a support group.  Autzen Stadium is one of my favorite places in Eugene and fall is my favorite time of year.



Paige also started 3rd grade this week. She is growing up way too quickly!  Family that comes to visit for the wedding will be surprised by how tall she’s gotten. She still likes to snuggle and hold my hand. I hope she doesn’t outgrow that soon. She has already made a few new friends this week. I’m glad about that because a few of her friends from last year have either transferred or moved.

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I have been working on a few wedding projects while she has been in school. Earlier in the summer we bought some luggage tags at an antique store. They are old and weathered. We’ve decided to use them as escort cards for the reception. I added some glittery washi tape on the ends to give them some razzle dazzle. I thought they turned out so cute that I didn’t wait to finish all of them before taking the picture.


My style is eclectic. I like what I like and don’t worry too much about what anybody thinks of it. I’m not exactly known for my keen fashion sense, but one thing I like to do is stack bracelets. Our wedding is a little bit vintage and most definitely eclectic. My dress is unique and I wanted my accessories to stand out as well. I thought it would be fun for Paige to have the same bracelets as mommy. I just finished up my set. I found simple pearl and rhinestone bracelets for each of us. I decided to make a few additional bracelets using beads. One is made out of sage green and turquoise beads (I still needed my “something blue”). The other strand is made out of tiny gold seed beads. I wore my glasses and it was still difficult to thread the gold beads. Sheesh! I’m getting old. It’s a good thing Chris thinks I look cute in my glasses. I’ve definitely been needing them more lately. Here is my set of bracelets. I’ll measure Paige’s wrist and start on hers soon.


The wedding is getting closer. We are checking things off of the list every day. We don’t actually have a written list. I have a mental list. Call me crazy.



  1. Deanna Hussman says:

    Thanks Sarah. I figured it was something like that, but it was a new wedding term for me. Really getting excited about coming out for the wedding. Your family loves and supports you in this marriage. Deb and I wanted to be a visible expression of our support. See ya’ soon!!

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